Hi i have a problem at the moment whenever i use distortion on my guitar it just something doesn't seem right. I listen to a lot of metal bands to name a couple; in flames, opeth, killswitch engage etc you get the drift, and of course they use metal tones but when i try and use it on my guitar it sounds kind of bad.

My setup is: Line 6 Spider II 210 amplifier
Standard Strat Guitar

I haven't been playing THAT long but i'm sure it's not supposed to sound like this, i can tell because i notice in a lot of metal songs they do solos with distortion still on yet when i try to play a melody it sounds really messed up and horrible, unless of course i do hammer ons all the way through it's not so bad but i know bands don't do that. Opeth is a good example of this i think. If you're not sure what i mean i could always record me playing and put it on here but has anyone got any suggestions? Is it my setup or what because i'm really not sure what to do. All the other tones seem fine it's just this one. Thanks for any help
i think its on the amp.. never tried one of the spiders but i heard they pretty suck.

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mines in there, you can hear some of the sounds if you like, quite highly rated apparently but i haven't had mine long. My guitar isn't top of the range as you can imagine. I bought my amp from piedog at 42% off so it cost me just under £200, which is still more than my guitar.
The strat is known to have a very thin sounding distortion... on top of that, the amp isn't all that great.
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Well, this may sound dumb because it's so obvious, but it could be...

A. Your guitar-if it's SSS it won't sound the best with lots of distortion (doesn't really "cut through")

B. You amp may just...suck. Line 6's aren't known for being very good.
I personally would switch to a guitar with a humbucker in the bridge position. That will give you a more meaty metal sound. Also, a better amp would help as well. 10 inch speakers are not known for a big booming sound.
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Thanks for the response guys, really helpful. I'll have a look around, anyone got any recommendations preferably from personal experience?
you have to remember that when you pop in a CD and try to imitate these tones, that they've gone through a ton of processing and "studio magic". a lot of it depends on who records and mixes these bands. the same band recording the same set of songs in 2 different studios will yield varying results.

oh yea.. and get rid of the spider and get a guitar with humbuckers in it for a decent metal sound.