I've been playing for a couple of months and feel like my cherry-red Washburn X8 just isn't enough anymore. I have roughly $300 at my disposal, but would like to stay at around 200 if possible, because I was hoping to by some effects with the leftover, but if I must spend $300, that's about what I could. Here's what I'm looking for:

I just came off a fairly big wait loss and my fingers are still pretty chubby, so spread out strings would be nice, but isn't a necessity. I'm looking for a guitar with good action and a nice neck that has very nice and easy sliding. I don't care about its finish or features, just nice and easy sliding as well as good action. It definitely would help if it had good weight distribution, but that's not one of my main worries. So here's what I'm looking for:

Good action,
Nice neck and easy sliding,
and good distribution(wanted, but not needed)

My limit is roughly $300, but I'd like to keep a goal price at about $200.

If it helps at all, the sound I'm looking for is kind of weird. I'd try everything from The Smashing Pumpkins to Tool, Breaking Benjamin to Staind. I wouldn't, however, be playing any metal. I'm just starting out and that seems out of reach at the moment, and it gives me massive headaches. :p

I'd like to thank anyone who helps me out VERY MUCH in advance. I know it's a little inconvenient, but you'd really be doing someone a big favor.
Thanks a bunch!

This one looks really nice. I've never seen it at Music123 or Musician's Friend, which are about the only two place I look. :P At $279, this thing looks like a steal.

I'm still open to any suggestions, folks, but this one looks tough to beat.

Thanks again.
Quote by Costanza
Ibanez RG550

Unless I find out that money factually does grow on trees, I'd need a job for that one. Since I refuse to work at any fast food joints, which is all that hire 15-year olds, I'd say this one might be off the list. :p

Unless you see it for somewhere lower than the 799.99 that I'm getting?
I'm gonna say go into a guitar shop. Play everything in your range. Buy what feels right.

I wouldnt usually say that, but as you're not a beginner, you should feel the difference and be able to decide the right one for you.

Good luck anyways.