i was wondering if some of you could recommend some songs by zakk wylde. I'm looking for a good solo in it. People been tell me, after nailing a7x - beast and the harlot solo, that I'm was wasting my talent on shitty music. Well, i decided look for other kinds of (older ) music. But i narrowed it down to just some zakk wylde songs. So what are some of best songs by him and black label that you guys recommend i checking out? If i find a good one, I'll probably end up covering the song.
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Playing A7X isn't a waste of talent...a lot of their stuff is quite a bit complicated, plus it should be you who decides what to play and not others.

But still...search button might help.
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sicfreak91, contact me via PM and I'll give you some proper Zakk Wylde enlightenment
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