can guitar pedals be used with basses?
is it like a bass in a guitar amp?
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Yes, they can. They generally sound like crap, but not always.
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a lot of the boss pedals are designed for guitar and bass use, but really you're better off buying one that's specifically designed for bass.
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How many times does this question have to be asked?

It's not going to blow up the pedal or your amp or anything....
Usually guitar pedals, especially distortions, kill the low end.
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Usually guitar pedals, especially distortions, kill the low end.

Depends on the pedal. Big Muffs (as almost everyone knows) work very well with bass, as do Marshall Guv'nors (evidently) and ProCo Rats.
I use a Digitech Flange that was meant for guitar to get a noice airy sound out of my bass occasionally but it does have a habit of killing your bottom end
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Just buy a pedal for a bass guitar. They aren't that much. Basic distortion and such can be found for under $30 at Guitar Center.
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i have a digit tech death metal pedal....and i turned mids and lows way up and highs way down and its just an intense sound...like a normal bass sound but alot deeper