How far can you tune down a floyd rose before the tensions breaks or whatever happens? I want to play Downfall by Children of Bodom. It's only a full step down so the tuning would be D-G-C-F-A-D starting from the lowest string. Would that break my guitar?
you would have to balance the bridge again after tuning it down so far but there shouldnt be any damage done.
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Maybe I'll just take it to the store. I'm really bad with technical stuff like that. I'll just raise the guitar pro tuning instead of lowering mine.
yea If ur just doing one son u would have to have it setup everytime u change tuning but if u dont use the bar a lot it should work.
That's what I did for a while until I installed my Trem-Setter. Unfortunately, I can't go to standard tuning, but a step down is fine and thats what other guitars are for.
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Trust me man, don't down tune just for that one song. Find a tuning and stick to it. I'm in Drop C now and it was a real bitch setting the guitar back up again. Sofind a tuning and then pay a tech to do it and then never change out of that tuning. Ever.