Can i return pickups if i dont like them at guitar center, the guy at the counter told me i couldnt but i dont believe him
After you have installed and used them? Nope. You can sell them on eBay as used pickups though.

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Good name brand pickups fetch a nice price on ebay.

Its takes me a little while to get used to new pickups. Give them a little time and if you still don't like em. ebay em.
That's the problem with buying pickups. They're like underwear...put 'em on, they're yours.
It's really not a good policy. Some pickups just don't sound good in some guitars...it's a fact. So how in the hell can you tell if they're gonna sound good when you put them in? You can listen to sound bytes on the maker's website, but that doesn't tell you squat.
I had a used LTD with Seymour Duncans in it...JB/Jazz. It sounded OK, but kinda thin...I took them out and put them in my Flying V...holy crap!! Metal monster!!
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Can i return pickups if i don't like them at guitar center, the guy at the counter told me i couldn't but i don't believe him

and why don't you believe him, because that just makes you sound like a twat