I haven't been able to try one out yet, and I was just wondering what peoples' opinions are on them. So, please-share.
I recently sold one at Christmas. It was a well built and good playing guitar. The sound was about what you would expect from a hollow body. You can't really crank the gain because of feedback issues, but, that's not what you would normally buy one for anyway. The finish was perfect and even the "F" holes had binding. Overall a gret guitar for the money. I sold mine because it didn't fit my playing style.
Pretty nice guitars for the money.
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I own an Ibanez hollow body. It's an artcore AFS75T model. It's red and has a 'bigsby style' tremelo. It looks good and plays good.

There are better hollow body guitars out there eg. Gibsons, but for the money my Ibanez is pretty good.
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My guitar teacher uses one, and it looks great, and he says he would never sell it for anything. Means its pretty good, duh. He plays metal though O_o
Quote by Keef-is-king
Great guitars, the only reason I went for my Epi over it was that the epi was semi hollow, I was almost sold on that bigsby though....

so what if the epi was semi hollow?
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Quote by The Iron Man
so what if the epi was semi hollow?

Well, that's a totally different type of guitar to hollow body, so thats a huge difference and a valid reason to choose.
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