If you are writing a song or poem, is it really ok to do ABAB rhyming scheme for parts of it without it getting cheesy? I've written some poem-like works with that before. But of course I'm not posting them because that would just be embarassing haha, . Eventually I will, but I might have to make a separate name for that...
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It's not the rhyme scheme that makes a poem cheesy. It's the words.

ADDITIONALLY: Try mixing it up, though. It may not be cheesy, but it geat boring follwing the same rhyme scheme. Try a Shakespearean Sonnet and make a song out of it.

ABABAB CDCDCD EFEFEF GG I think is the scheme, with Iambic Pentameter. Google or something, because I'm not explaining it.
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Well for poems its good for it to be, ABCB... making the second and last line rhyme (if your going to make four lined stanzas). For songs it would probly sound good with ABAB, but probly better with ABBC or AABB or ABCA... if your going to make stanzas longer than 4 lines, then you would have to come out with a different scheme, i really dont like ABAB because it would just make it look like word play..