hey all. i am assuming this would be the right place to ask this.

i am the guy at the head of the music production of an independant-amature video game. at the moment i am using (my friends) Fruity Loops Studio 6 for most of the samples and creation. now, first off is it possible for me to download the full versions of sytrus samples and such?

second does anyone know of any free or basically cheap programs with decent quality sound bites?

any input is appreciated. this is a low budget....VERY low...project that we are doing, but it doesnt mean the music has to suffer. and i am just hoping for some better sound.
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Well you may be able to download it of torrents, I dont understand what you mean with your second question, Im guessing you mean a free music recording program that you can mix, edit and export ect. and that is Audacity that you want then
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What you should do is hire someone to score the video game instead of using half ass programs with weak samples. Check out the local university in the music dept for composition majors. Many students are willing to work for $0 as long as you give them credit. They have something for their resume/portfolio and you have music for your game. Everybody wins.
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