Im going to go try these two guitars but just wanted to get an opinion it. Jackson DKMG dinky or a Jackson DK2M Pro dinky.

edit: any comments on the specifics of how the pickups compare would be great too
MG ... Mah. EMGS
2M ... alder, SD's

2M is betetr quality make.
but they also yield quite distinct properties.
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well, the dkmg comes with the emg 81/85 set which is what zakk wylde uses... both are pretty good.
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DK2M Fo sho!

1:Alder Bodied. 2:SD's and 3:Maple fretboard

I never usually like Maple board but when it either: A Jackson/Ibanez/ESP or a Vintage strat/Tele.

So yeah DK2M
2M or RR.
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Quote by Punk_Ninja

1:Alder Bodied. 2:SD's and 3:Maple fretboard

hmm...I don't see 1 and 3 as advantages over the DKMG. mostly cause on the jackson site it says that the MG also has those.
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DKMG comes with a Rosewood fretboard I believe. Both have the same liscenced trem. It all depends on whether you wan SDs or EMGs. Personally I would pick the DK2 for the sexy maple board and black sharkies.
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iive played the dkmg dinky, i loved it, never played the dk2

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Originally Posted by sendmeapick
you pick squires over gibsons?

thats like michael jackson over jessica alba
I'd take the DK2M...
I might actually buy one to have a nice Maple Necked guitar..
and swap out the LFR for an OFR
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