well that was terrible

and where is the x-wing guitar?

do you mean the 4 necked one cause that is old as hell
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Hey you look kind of like me.

Except for the sexy man goatee, and kickass shades. And sweet guitar.

I'm jealous.
That guitarist is Michael Angelo
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lol, so i got a boner this one time and i was watching tv, so i decided to hump the little crack between the two cushions of the couch. yeah.

That video completely summed up Mainstream Metal in the 80's.
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That was a train wreck of a song. Pun intended.
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bud this is way old... thats like MAB's signature guitar... that or his doublenecks
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That video completely summed up Mainstream Metal in the 80's.

Bhahahhaa, Very funny. Yeah, this is old as hell.
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That video completely summed up Mainstream Glam Metal in the late 70s to early 80s.

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I couldn't stop laughing. I like how the guitarist feels the need to keep flipping his hand around the neck. And, omg, that x-wing guitar is just freakin' hilarious.

Anyone who likes that band should be castrated. Seriously.


Just watched it again, I forgot to mention the part where he swears at 2:14. I seriously thought it was joke.
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I played a version of the X guitar at the namm show. stupidest guitar ever. they're going to be selling it soon. I recommend not buying. The guitar was on a big stand on display, and I grabbed it and started playing it, needless to say they didn't like that and took it away from me.

EDIT: those three string fast sweeps are easy as hell. If i could i'd post a video of me playing those, and i'm 13 and only been playing for three years.
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You guys just watch. I'm bringing back hair metal. In the next 5 years, a slow movement of Nu-hair-metal will appear, dwelling in shopping malls cross country. You guys just watch.
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At a guess, because it's hilarious. Stop bitching, mute it, put on Joe Satriani or Steve Vai instead and appreciate the sheer hilarity of it.
That is not only the worst song I've ever heard. That is the first song i've known to actually make me feel like an asshole after listening...
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although its a pretty cool solo even though its massive sloppy
it scares me T__T
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The thought of you humping her limp body is hilarious.

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this video is a perfect explanation of why hair metal had to die.

Thank God
That guitar is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen!

And my God, what an awful song!
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This song shows the bad part of the 80s, the 80s hsoul dbe good!
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The 80s was the best, this song WASN'T
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those three string fast sweeps are easy as hell. If i could i'd post a video of me playing those, and i'm 13 and only been playing for three years.

You might have had a point there if he was even playing 3 string sweeps.