Hey,im looking to buy a cheap double humbucker equiped guitar. Id like to spend $200 ,but i could probly do $250. Ill be playing mostly Metallica (rhythm) and be tuning to Drop C every so often.i was thinking an LTD 50 series. Any suggestions?Thanks!
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check out some ibanez's or maybe like sk8r said, schrecter.....LTD are good...but not great... idk, play some ibanezs and see if you like it....
I believe the RG321 is right above 250 but you could probably get them cheaper on ebay.
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Look for a used guitar.

Where do you live?

Says in my location,Buffalo New York
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Says in my location,Buffalo New York


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Music Go Round kicks serious ass if you don't mind used gear.

That store is in Syracuse. I don't know how close that is to Buffalo, really.
Schecter make nice guitars, more around ~500$ though. ESP, LTD, and Ibanez all make metal-oriented guitars in your price range. Epiphone is also an option...
Check out GuitarFetish.com for the Xaviere lineup, especially the demo and clearance area.
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My first axe was/is a Peavey HP Signature EXP in gold. It lists for $299 but I got mine for $218. I have not regretted my purchase yet.

With the regular Epiphone SG's dropping in price from $399 to $299, check ebay for a nearly new/mint condition one which you should be able to get for $250 or under.
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OMG check out Xaviere from GuitarFetish.com. One of the best guitar buys I've ever had.