is it possible for everyone to learn how to sing, or can you only just be able to do it naturally? id like to learn how to sing like warrel dane from nevermore/sactuary, but i highly doubt ill ever be able to do that...i dunno, pointless thread, but i really want to know
you can take singing lessons or practice. my band's singer got his voice from singing along to his favorite songs before he even thought about singing.
yeah, not everyone is born with a good voice. Most singers you find who have good voice is cuz they've been singing since a very young age so they developed a good singing voice. Its just the more you sing, the more you develop your voice. If all singers had good voice naturally then singing tutors wouldnt have existed. Even the best singers take singing lessons to imporve on their voice.

Just find yourself a good singing teacher and take lessons. Singing unlike guitar, piano or any other instrument is not something u can learn on ur own! You need to take lessons to lean to sing. You need someone who knows the stuff, watches and hears u sing, points out ur mistakes and makes u do em right. Its tough for u to figure out ur mistakes while u sing. You probably wont have enuf knowledge to.. Point is, just go get some singing lessons, you'll be an amazing vocalist in a year!
while imo taking lessons is necessary if you want to do anything serious with your voice

Vocal ability is a fundamental aspect of humanity; In some cultures, EVERYBODY sings, everyday. Just sing a lot, relax and have confidence in your voice. As a guitar player (or whatever you do) you likely have a half decent ear already.
I hate when people say that others are "more gifted" with voices. Everybodies voice is different, everybodies. It just depends on how much you sing and shape it to turn into a good singing voice. So really, everybody has a good singing voice, it just has to be shaped and strengthened.
to restate - the best thing you could do (apart from lessons) is to sing as much as you can, preferably in front of others.

But if you want to do screams/rasps/growls get a teacher cause you can feck up your throat real easy without good technique
I would say to learn how to sing before scream anyways, because then your vocal chords will be stronger and you won't screw up your voice as much...
First off, you would get a lot of answers by reading the only vocal/singing thread. That beast has everything in there, but while Im here Ill answer a few questions.

It is best to get singing lessons. However, I never did myself. I just joined a choir because with that, you will get lots of vocal training for free really. The teachers wont sit one on one with you but you will learn a ton of stuff and how to sing. You are also surrounded by good singers who can teach you. If you do that, you will be just as good off as a vocal trainer (almost ).

Now I believe that everyone can sing. For some it make take more training, but they can sing. In my old school, there were only about 50 kids. But, we had all of the grade 12 and 11 guys in there except for 2. Some of these guys are the last guys you would expect to sing, yet I bet that everyone in that choir took a solo at one point or another. It was just a very skilled choir in the guy section.

Now when I talk about solos there, dont worry that you will have to. Teachers NEVER force you to do a solo in front of an audience if you dont want to. Sure you may have to do a singing test, but in the 2 schools that Ive done that, you are with groups in front of only the teacher.

So Id say to join a choir. And if your friends make fun of you, just tell them that you are the one in the class with all the girls and that you are the guy that gets the girls Dont let what others think decide what you want to do.
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justin, that was easily the most inspiring, helpful piece of advice anyone has ever given me in regards to my musical pursuits.

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i didnt even know there was a vocal thread... thanks for all the info everyone

Ya, all of those stickies are pretty good. And when you are reading the vocal thread, read the 1st page first. It has most everything you need to know, and if you have questions after that, then post them.
Quote by funkdaddyfresh
justin, that was easily the most inspiring, helpful piece of advice anyone has ever given me in regards to my musical pursuits.

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