Hey I'm just wondering what effect or pedal Paul is using in this clip? I think its either a looper or delay. He's messing with it between 10 and 20 seconds
Heres the clip
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Ha, I like his capo.

I'd say it's the Boss Delay pedal. It has looping capability. Maybe he modded it to like... speed it up like that in the beginning.
delay i believe, i could be wrong but i think the pedals to small to be a looper and also most loopers dont have speed options like that

edit: also, i decided to look at the videos it showed once that one was over after i posted that and the kid shows the delay pedal as he slows it down so its DEFFINATELY a delay pedal
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i am 95 percent sure hes using a dd-6 by boss
its a delay and he may be using the hold function
cause i have the pedal and can do what hes doing
well not playing wise but ya
Boss DD-6 definitely
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