Ok, I currently play a schecter Gryphon (Ruby red) which iv owned for about three years, im thinking of buying a C-1+ (Vintage Sunburst) from a friend for about 450 which is about 100 cheaper than guitar center out here, and was thinking about just slapping a whammy bar on the gryphon and keep both, cause they are both great guitars. Is that a smart idea or should i just keep using the gryphon and forget about the C-1+?
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The only real differences in those guitars are the fact that the C1 Plus is a set neck, and has binding. Also, it would be expensive and also hard to get the Gryphon routed for a trem, probably over $300. But if you want a guitar just for the sake of getting a new guitar, I would go for it.
dude get the C-1 my friends got it and its awesome and keep the gryphon cause thats my guitar and make sure the whammy you get is a proLine tremolo arm with bushing or the Ibanez 2LE21B Tremolo Arm, their the most comfortable fitting ones... i got the proline on my gryphon and its amazing so keep the gryphon and buy the C-1 and get the same whammy for the gryphone and the C-1
How do you like the Gryphon? I'm thinking bout it as a good step up from my LTD Viper-50....
I'm probably gonna get the Ruby Red too. Is this guitar good for Southern Rock like Skynyrd and Classic Rock? I've seen lots of stuff reccomending it for metal which I never play
Thanks for any help, good luck with whatever choice you make
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Even though they are both excellent guitars, personally I would just save up more and get a better upgrade, because if you think about it in the long run, its really not that much of a difference like toastinator said, just the set neck, but still your decision.
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Its a pretty versatile guitar. I usually play metal with it, but I use it for classic rock stuff a lot too.

Thanks, do you have the ruby red color? I can't tell in the picture but it looks like it fades from red to blackish, but I can't be sure.
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