How many songs should I have written by my bands first practice? I am the main song writer and I want to know what a good number would be.
any number is a good number. lyric wise though, i would have lots if you can, music wise.... that will probably come during practice, or just have something kind of worked out in your head.
none, but maybe one depending on how long u practice
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none, but maybe one depending on how long u practice

none? just walk in the first day with no songs to work on? you outside your mind
Not really that crazy of an idea, coming in with no songs. Why not just try a simple jam session to kick things off? The drummer plays a beat, the guitars build a chord progression, the bassist lays down the groove, and you just kind of go from there.

The default setup is, of course, 12-bar blues, in whichever key you feel comfortable with.

Playing as a band is more than just "learning songs" - it's about functioning as a whole, more than the sum of your parts. If you can't jam together, and find a groove to fit into, you're probably going to sound like crap for some time. There are exceptions to this, of course, but they're pretty darn rare.

So, my advice is to have a semi-free-form jam, maybe try to come up with something interesting out of that jam, and take it from there. It's worked well for others, myself included, so it might work for you, too.

Just sayin'.

up to 3 but no more lyrically and possibly two musical things

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