Background...I have a Schecter C1 Exotic, I love my guitar to death and, although I have toyed with the thought of getting a new guitar, am sticking with it. My problem is that I just got a Crate GT3500H head and a VooDoo 400w cab, both of which are killer. I play metal so it suits me perfectly. The custom pickups that come with my schecter sound great for the most part but 1) I think there is room for improvement and 2) The magnets are HUGE...even with sound reduction things I still get massive feedback the second I go silent.
I've done some research and am concidering throwing a Duncan Invader on the bridge and a Duncan '59 on the Neck...something original and was hoping for any kind of suggestions from you guys...Please respond I need answers!!!
hmmm...I remember somebody in guitar center mentioning that name, thanks.
DONT GET THE INVADERS!!!111!!!!ELEVEN!!!!111!!! 2? !11!!!!

seriously, they suck. go look for sumthin from bareknuckles. if not dimarzios or Bill Lawrence, XL-500 would suit you very well
Dimarzio Deactivators, D-Sonic, or X2N.

Bill Lawrence XL-500.

Bareknuckle Miracle Man, Warpig, or Nailbomb.

Check any of those out.
It's true, this stuff I make up.
Thanks a lot guys...seriously I'm not familiar with...well, any of those.
It's true, this stuff I make up.
Hey, I'm looking at the Evolutions as well...I play in Drop C so will either the Activator or Evo give me the punch/depth that I need along with the note clarity?
Evolutions would, I think, but they're a HIGHLY unforgiving pickup. If you mess up, it'll sound loud and clear for the whole world to hear.

Aside: The D-Sonic was made almost specifically for drop tunings, so give that a hard look.
It's true, this stuff I make up.
Ironically enough that's the review I just finished reading, and I like it a lot. What would be good for the neck though. My guitar is a solid body I do believe, it has a lot of warmth. For clean, the few times that I use it, I wan't something that isn't so much ear piercing as much as warm and smooth...something that would go good with reverb.
Hmmm...Dimarzio PAF Classic maybe?

I honestly don't know. Warm tones are not my thing.
It's true, this stuff I make up.