wanting to sell it because i am going straight acoustic, minor scratches on the pick guard ( like that when i got it ) and missing a knob covering

wanting around 130 for it... heres a pic

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the missing knob cover is the very small knob that goes from treble to rhythym (sp?) that you can buy for like 2 dollars if you cared enough haha, plays great tho...

p.s. mine is not the rootbeer model shown , mine is a cherry red sunburst

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Instead of just bumping, post some info.
Where are you? Will you accept pickup? How much for shipping? How much did it cost new?
What currency is that price in? How old is the guitar? Blah blah blah, etc.
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Well, I live in nebraska, pickup is fine, i will ship, 15 or so for shipping... it was 200 dollars brand new and i got it a month ago... i will do pay pal

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wow, thats nice. Breaking the bump rules AND posting an ebay link.

Please, next time, try to read the rules first. Thanks.

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