i alternate between 7 or 8 picks i always play with and they aare medium. iv only broken 2 or 3 ever

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i seem to lose them everyday....

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i buy new ones when i break them. which as of now is never. basically i bought like 15 when i started last july and i still have about 11 probably.


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I carry mine around in my pockets and therefore lose them CONSTANTLY. But I usually end up finding them, so I basically have about 20 picks floating around in my room randomly and so I use a different one everytime I pick up my guitar.
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I wair the point off them until the "back" is longer then the other two sides then toss them (if I don't loose them sooner).

I used Fender picks for a while and I was breaking them. Like they'd split... Maybe I just got a bad batch or something but they were pretty awful.

Oh and I leave them on top of my amp, which I have to turn on before I play. The ones I use for acoustic stuff are in with that... Makes sense no?
I find jazz picks arond my house all the time. They're the way to go
i buy 9-12 at a time (store sells in packs of 3), then lose all but 1 and keep it for a couple months. when i finally lose that one, or until it has deep indents along the sides from pickscrapes;i go and do the same thing over again

fender extra heavy is my personal preference
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^ Were they the celluloids? Those would fall apart like noone's business.

When I get my picks. I usually end up ruining a few immediatly. I drill holes into my picks for added grip which can make them break during the drilling.
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I sometimes lose them (and even then, I usually find them back a few days later) but I never broke any (yet)... but I bought like 6-7 of them a few months ago, and I alternate between them... I didn't have to buy any other yet...
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In the total course of my guitar playing (2 years) I have prolly bought 50 picks. Now I have 2 guitar picks even though I bought a bag of 10 last month. Everything I touch disappears
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I have a million different picks but I only use a few often and my 'main' pick had served me for about a month now. It's a solid bronze pick though, I don't expect it to wear out any time soon. Before I started playing with metal picks, I'd go through a Dunlop Ultex 5-7 days, before that I was playing with various softer random picks and I'd have to change them pretty much every day. I must have at least a fewhundred picks around my house now, since I never had the heart to throw away any. :p
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I've used the same pick for the last year or so.
I have a light touch
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