I have been getting better at picking fast. Tonight I have been having trouble though. I have been trying to learn "Hourglass" by Lamb Of God but whenever the fast open pms come i can do them but it puts a strain on my arm and slows me down and when that strain comes it doesn't leave until i stop playing for a few minutes. I am faster when I play with a relaxed arm but does anyone have any tips or advice for that. Thanks
Well, in reality I have no clue why it happens, but if you think about it, its straining a muscle right? I mean, its not your bone... So if you keep doing it, that specific muscle that it takes to do that should get stronger, which might eventually 'drain the strain'.
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uhhhh my friend told me this whenever you play something super fast ala Lamb of God do the riff slow and then speed it up and go as fast as you can, hell by the time you work your pace up to speed you might be doing the riff faster then Lamb of God you never know man
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your tensing up start slow(like you havent heard that enough already haha) and build up speed till you can play it at a comfortable speed.
yea i thought maybe thinking about it made a difference. building up to metal speed is a bitch lol.

So pretty much if you know the riff well enough that you don't need to strain your mind to think about it and can just play it with ease then you probobly wont strain your muscles?
Is that kind of the idea?