I really like some Seymour Duncan pickups, but I don't remember the model name, so I was wondering about suggestions for SD pickups, I already have EMG's on another guitar. And I wonder what some of the differences between the SD models were. Help please. lol
may i recommend an SD JB or an SD Custom.
dont get the distortion, its flabby and muddy. i guess if you PILE on the distortion you wont care...the other two are more articulate IMO
+1 on Custom (ceramic magnet), or Custom 5 for alnico 5 magnets, or Custom Custom for high-output alnico 2
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Personally I'd go Dimarzio Blaze, Fred, or Joe but thats just me.

For Seymour duncan your best off looking for a pickup thats not built for intense distortion, this usually results in quite a bit of hum if your wiring isn't perfect and a really sterile, thin clean tone.

I'd suggest the JB, 59, Jazz, or Custom Custom...possibly a Phat Cat
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