Poll: Preferred string guage
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Extra Heavy (15's and up)
0 0%
Heavy (12's to 14's)
10 11%
Regulars (11's to 13's)
17 18%
Lights (10's or less)
51 55%
Skinny top heavy bottom (10-52 only)
16 17%
Other/Custom ordered
5 5%
Voters: 93.
I've never seen a poll like this one before, pretty self explanatory.

Vote, tell what genre you mainly play, and state why you prefer that guage strings.

Heres and example, (what I use):

I play a lot of metal in various tunings, mainly standard tuning; on my 7 string I use 11-96 (elixer rustproofs for the plain, ernie nickel for wound) and my 6 strings, I have them strung up 10-62.

I prefer heavy guages because you can pick harder and they don't bend when trying to do 3 note per string runs etc, and the light guages on top to get some bluesy bends. I get a really wide range in tone, lot of bass to a bright top end.
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.10 to .52
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10-52, or 11-56 actually
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10-52, or 11-56 actually

I've never seen the 11-56 skinny top heavy bottoms, Mustaine, Hammet (sig series even if he doesn't use them), and Ernie balls is 10-52
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i play hard rock, classic rock, alt rock/grunge, punk/hardcore, and a little bit of blues. and some alt metal.
theyre my absolute fav.
If I had a guitar with a locking trem I would most definatly use 10-52's, in fact, I'm considering downsizing completely.

My action is very high to prevent fretbuzz, but I'm sure i'd miss the thick tone.
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For tuning in drop B I use 11-70. For standard or D tuning, I use 10-46.
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12-54 Dean Markley Jazz 12s with a wound 3rd string, tuned down to BEADGB.
Sounds thick and meaty with a ton of distortion.

EDIT: Use 10-46s on my standard tuning guitar though.
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13-56 just cause i'm tuned to B standard and these fatties keep decent tension
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I used to have 12's.. then I used 9's and they broke easily so now I use 10's and I love it!
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Started on 10s I believe, then played 11s for ages. I tried 12s, but not for very long. I went back to 11s.

this is on my elevrtic though riiight?
13, 15, 19 (Wound or unwound depending on if I can find some wounds), 28, 38, 58

Took the idea from SRV. I love it.
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.09 gauge myself. Love the ease of monster bends
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I have a fender jag, due to the short scale etc. i need quite heavy strings to prevent the bridge rattling and the strings hanging off.
I used 12's for a while, but well, it turns out i'm too much of a wimp.
.013-.056, in standard or Eb. I really can't play .009s and .010s anymore, I break them just by bending (even the D and G strings).

People really need to stop calling .011s heavy; they're medium!
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