Ok I've been wanting to upgrade the humbuckers on my guitar for a while. So after looking around I've decided that I want a Seymour Duncan SH13 Dimebucker to replace my current bridge pickup. Does anyone have any suggestions for a neck pickup that will go well with the SH-13?
i have the dimebucker in my les paul, i like it alot but if your looking for something high gain check out the duncan limewire pickups there what ive been looking at i cant find too much info on them. i want to know how they compair to emg's myself
^Not really good information to listen to. Livewires and EMG's - not good.

DO NOT get the Dimebucker. It's an overpriced piece of muddy crap. If you want Dimes tone, have a look at the Bill Lawrence L500-XL. Much better for it's price and for nailing the high-gain crunch I think you're looking for.
For your neck, you might want to look at something warmer. Wait till forsakenazrael comes in here, he knows a hell of a lot more about SD pickups than I do.
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All right well thanks for the quick replies. As far as tone goes Im looking for a clean, high gain sound for shredding and solos, and I want lower gain but a little warmer sound for rhythm. Something that wont bog down and sound shitty when I drop tunings to C.
Umm...Yeah, I agree with random_hero. L-500XL is MUCH better than the dimebucker.
As far as a neck pickup goes...Warm pickups...Maybe check out the Seymour Duncan SH-2 Jazz or the Seymour Duncan APH-1 Alnico Pro II.
The Jazz is really capable of more than Jazz. I have it, and I can get Eric Clapton (Cream-era), AC/DC, and even coax some heavy tones from it when I jam with my metalhead friend. It's pretty versatile, and cleans up nicely. if you want clarity - this is it. I can roll down my tone control ala the way for that "woman" tone adn still hear every note.
The Alnico Pro II is also a nice warm neck pickup. Slash of Velvet Revolver (Heh. Almost said Guns 'N Roses..) uses these. I'd use it in a blues machine, personally, but it can do hard rock and metal.
Either choice would probably get you what you want.