does anyone else find it weird that synyster gates and matt shadows were featured on the new good charlotte track "the river." i always found good charlotte's music...alright. it was the better side of emo but nontheless it wasn't as good as artists of the genre the tried to be. the heavy punk it seemed they tried to be with their first album was decent then they sold out with their album young and the hopeless and their next album the chronicles of life and death. the river seemed surpisingly good. i dont know if the fact of m. shadows and synyster gates being in the song brought up its level but i just wanted other peoples opinions on whether it seems weird that two artists of quite different genres were brought together.
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i mean synster and matt are two extremly talented musicians im not surprised that them being in it made it better...a guitar solo always makes it better

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definetly them playing with them is weird...but they're good old buddies. and sure, the guitar's probably gonna be quite interesting.
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I got The Young and the Hopeless a few years ago....I liked it. I got cronicals a few years back. I liked it. In 8th grade, I realized that it all was total shit. Why do I like this new track? I don't know if it was the semi-decent guitar playing or not.
people are gunna flame this thread real bad...

But, they also tend to focus on "genre" crap and how they hate an entire genre of music because they arent famous playing sold out venues. whatever. id have to say that both bands are very good at what they do and im intrigued to see what this track will sound like.
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