I'm doing a "project" for school, what are some controversial issues? I've already thought of buttsecks and tabs. Can you ingenious mammals think of any others?
The illegality of free internet tabs?

Same sex marriage?

Weather or not Radiohead is the best band in the history of the world? (I know, it's obviously true, but some disagree)
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The Cooperation
write a report saying that Mein Kampf made a good argument, and that you agree with it.

it doesnt have to be true, but im sure it'll be pretty controversial.
10th grade English?

I picked "Driving While Black" issues when I had a similar assignment in the above class.
evolution vs creationism and the public school system. thats what i'm doing for my school project.
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same sex mariage

religion in school

stem cell research


war in iraq

gun control....

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How groups such as neo-nazis, the KKK, Westboro Baptist Church, etc. have the right to exist under the first amendment.