Went to the doctors to get my wrist checked out , he said i have a few signs that I could have carppel tunnel. But my fingers, and hand strength remain the same and i get no tingling or numbness... SO he gave me a big anti inflamitory drug to use for a few days to see if that fixs the problems. However if it does not work I could have carppel tunnel and he wants to run at est if thats the case....

So is carppel tunnel end game for my guitar playing? or whats the deal anyone have some advice or knowledge on this?
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Not the end man. Will take a lil while to get over, then you are back on your way. May have to wear an ugly wrist brace for a week or two, but after that it's smooth sailing.
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`dude, thatwould ****ing blow if you couldn't play anymore man. i wonder if they could do like, arm transplants or so0mething. that's be sweet good luck, and hope you feel better
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its my fretting hand that is more worse off, used to play bass a lot and that angle killed me... at least with the guitar i can use a stright wrist... I may have to get a brace that may help me out... what would you suggest for phsyical therapy and for changing the picking pattern?
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It's never game over man.

Also, I highly doubt it's that serious, if anything much at all.

Many things mimic something that is much more serious then it is. A panic attack mimics a heart attack (a lot of the same symptoms) some pain in an area might also be the same pain for something much more serious. never expect it's the worst. the body is funny.

But, IF it is, you would just have to take a short break. Nothing to worry about
damn bro, that sucks...well I have wrist problems (either guitar or touching myself) but thats beyond the point if you can, try using your elbow instead of your wrist in playing if you understand what im saying...
My mom had carpel tunnel and their is a surgury they can do
but you have to be in arm things for 6 weeks so you couldnt play or anything for that long