Yes i do, it is something for school that i have to do, and i have no idea what songs were composed in that time range. I'm mainly a metal guitarist so this style of playing is going to be something new to me.
So if someone could give me a list of fairly easy songs that i could possibly play, that would be great.
did your teacher not give you any recommendations for finding songs? does your book not have any?
He gave us the task at the end of the period, and told us to look for some at home, and if we couldnt find any he would suggest some songs next time.
Our music text books are also only avaliable to be looked at during class, so i didnt get a chance to look through them.
well, anything by Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Vivaldi, Berlioz, or any other classical composer you can think of (pretty much). Look up the Baroque period, Classical period, and Romantic periods of music on wiki.
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