a epiphone les paul custom and the trebble pick up isnt anywher near as loud as the rhythm pickup i think it could be my amp a vox ad 100 vt. any thought opinions on what could be going wrong ?
It's not supposed to be.

Grats on your purchase.
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drop the volume on the bridge pickup to equal out and make your amp a bit louder then. The bridge pickup is naturally hotter than the neck, so it's gonna sound a bit louder. either that, or you should check your wallet.
ok i am very sure that the volume knob for the treble pup is busted it goes higher halfway then at at the higher end is there any way to fix this. i am not normally so much of a noob at this but i am just scared that my guitar that i paid a fair whack for is broken
Your guitar isn't broken, it just has lower end pots.

There are several ways to address the difference in volume (which is normal by the way).

1. Raise the bridge pickup or lower the neck pickup. The closer to the strings the more output you get.

2. Replace your pots with some good ones that have a more precise sweep control.

3. Deal with your pots as they are and simply mess with the neck volume knob until you get pretty close.

For some tips and tricks on how to work on your guitar go to www.projectguitar.com. You can't really screw things up unless you do something stupid.
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^ Wow...hilarious.

Anyways, yeah Epis are notorious for their electronics going out. I would say its a bad volume pot. Even if the bridge pickup was dropped all the way into the body the volume difference wouldnt be as bad as it sounds to be in this case.