When do you get a new guitar? i just started playing within the last year and i was wondering if i should start saving up now. Any of you guys know any good guitars to play stuff like tool and system of a down on? ill probably have $500 to spend then...maybe im just thinking too far ahead. but anyway any suggestions? right now i have an epiphone sg special.
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Well, it's really not something there's an absolutely definite answer to. If you feel you're good enough to do a new guitar justice, then I guess it's time. If you feel like another guitar is what you need to launch you into other areas of music, then it's also about time (for instance, someone who's been playing an all-out metal Ibanez with a ZR trem might be tempted to expand his musical horizon if he tried, say, a hollowbody with P90 pickups).

Adam Jones from Tool plays a Gibson Les Paul Custom in a silverburst finish, but that is ex... pen... sive... so forget about that for now. You can get a similar one from one of the Japanese copy brands, or you could do what the majority do and get an Epiphone of sorts, but TRY IT OUT FIRST if you do that. Some Epiphones are decent, some are good, and some are rotten. However, a lot of any guitar sound comes from other gear, mainly the amp. The amp decides the character and voice of the tone, and the guitar is more about the balance and attack of the tone than the actual sound.

And P.S. - It's ALWAYS a good time to start saving up for a new guitar- you may not have one in your sights, but once you find the one you just need to have, it's sour butt to have to start saving up when you could just have a nice wad of money on your account to spend at will (but think it through none the less before you buy anything).
Thank you very much no one would reply to me... You're right its always good to save hell my amp could blow out on me or something and at least id have money for gear. Im thinking probably another SG but hell who knows what the future holds. Im liking my SG i have right now, it suits my needs for now i guess. What about pickups and such? Basically what would be good pickups to look for in a guitar? By the way i have a line 6 spider 2 30 watt (discontinued) and i got it cheap cause of discontinuation and it would suck to have to replace it. Of course those spider 3s might be even better...
Well after probably eight months of playing a pos squier and starter amp i bought an ibanez artcore- that definately improved my playing, it was just more inspiring i guess. I don't really buy in to all these extremes of this guitar for this style of music and all- i mean i guess if you are playing dragonforce your gonna go for a shredder guitar, and jazzers should veer towards hollowbodys- I tend to buy new gear when the stuff I have no longer stimulates me creatively.

So i guess my answer is, go for it. Unless you have something else to blow your cash on, what better thing to spend it on then guitar gear?
Well I'm not planning anything right now because my guitar isn't even a year old yet and ...yeah. Maybe ill get some sort of Gibson SG i think i saw one on the internet for like 500 or so. What exactly do you guys do with your old guitars? Hang em on your wall to look kick ass?
Regarding what pickups you should use, I'm not quite sure there's any kind of "true" answer to that, as long as you don't get the cheapest "made in Timbuktu" ones you can find. There are a few brands I'd recommend, but if you're going for a complete guitar, you're probably not the one deciding on the pickups included. Generally, I'd suggest you browse through a catalogue and pin down a handful of prospects, then you should read some of the reviews of those guitars on harmony-central.com and go ONLY by the reviews that are properly written, decently worded and properly thought through (meaning, some 12 your young whippersnapper giving a POS First Act WalMart thingy all 10s while typing the review with his arse is probably not gonna be any kind of valid gauge of the guitar's quality. See what I mean?). That's what I usually do, and sometimes I find information via other channels (practice your internettin'). And another golden rule: If possible, TRY IT FIRST (which I haven't been able to do that much, because I usually order new ones made by brands that are not all that widespread).

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What exactly do you guys do with your old guitars? Hang em on your wall to look kick ass?

Well, since I research before I buy, I'll be fairly sure to own GOOD guitars exclusively, meaning I'm still gonna want to play them, so I'll just get another stand, and have them all lined up, ready for pluggin'.
ive only been playing for a year and a half...

i think whenever you feel the need to get a new one.