hey, i recently bought an old univox hi-flyer. the tuners are horrible on it. i tried to replace them with some grover imitations, but the guitar has those tuners that are 2 peices, with 3 on each peice (rather than 6 seperate pegs). the holes on them are smaller so the grovers dont fit. i need help figuring out how to put on grover style tuners, and if its hard to do, are there any good tuners i can find that are the 2-peice style? thanks for any help.

p.s. can soapbar p-90s fit on a univox hi flyer? the p-90s it has look similar to soapbars.
well it depends. look at the housing. compare it to a traditional humbucker. they have p-90s in both styles. hum housings or traditional soapbars.

the tuners. well. the best thing to do is figure out how many holes and where the grovers fit. then, if you absolutely wanna use them. youd have to probly use grain filler to fill the small holes that the 2piece left behind and drill a hole(s) for the grovers. otherwise, there are companies out there that make the 2pair tuners. alot of acoustics use that style. anyway, you just need to look around.
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