well could you give me some suggestions with what kind of questions to ask him? i don't wanna ask the wrong (or stupid) questions or anything.

1. How many watts is it?
2. Is there any thing wrong with it such as physical blemishes or sound quality?
3. What year is it?

That's all I can think of right now...is there other things I should be asking?
1. Do u have the manual for it too?
2. are there any defects? (only good people would tell u...)
3. how good of a condition its in?
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If it's good working condition then yes. I have an amp from the same line and i have to say i love it. $250 fould be a steal for a new deville.
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well I don't really think that it is a new deville...i mean it just looks a kind of old to me and not because of the tweed or vintage look that it is supposed to look like but it just looks old. I emailed him and asked him the year and that stuff so I guess I'll see and then ask you guys some more questions when I have more info...thanks for the help though.