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WHOOP! my schools is cancelled today. anyone else from the UK in the same boat?
if you are post your school and where it is. if you're one of the unlucky sort that's jad no snow, then tell us, and i promise we wont laugh.

St Olaves Grammar School, Orpingtion (near london)
Definitly not my school >.<....Damn Westminster City!!!!!!!!!!
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No snow here, just frost.
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we got like one snowflake and everyone died with excitement because we got snow, so no school for us.

But seriously, we have school as normal stupid wigan
2 inches off the stuff and England basically falls apart...
That's where it's at !!!!! Awesome no school
my brothers school is closed St.Johns Marlborough...we are in wiltshire

i go to college, and nothing has been said that its closed but i figured id take the day off anyway apparently on the college bus only 8 people got on when there is normally like 40
We haven't got nearly enough on the ground for it to be cancelled. My school doesn't close anyway, when the strong winds hit parts of the roof were flying off and they still made us go >.>
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MY school is canceled! yay

william de ferrers school in south woodham ferrers!
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Snow is the one thing that causes absolute chaos to the transport system and the roads, it's amusing.

Apparently it's all going to freeze again around 4.

But yeah, no college. Woohoo!
Class Tutor: No SNOW is gonna stop education....

What a faggot. And no, no snow days in Ireland.
We only had school Monday and Tuesdays this week!!
As well as last week!!
Because someone died...
Same thing last week....
Copleston High School, Ipswich [closed]. Found out as I was walking to school!
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Htf am I meant to get into uni now.

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^ Same, and my school is closed, too .

Skinners School, Tunbridge Wells.
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Man that's badass.

Yeah uberstyle.

About 3 inches here. I think is was closed cos my lecturers are lazy though.

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Quite a bit here (lincolnshire) i don't know if my school is closed but im staying off anyway...
We'v got about 6-7 inches in west midlands and its still snowing heavy. My school is closed
I went to Darrick Wood, very close to St Olaves, my bro goes there. He must be sitting at home then doing nothing.

Im at work, work doesnt get cancelled
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i tried to go to work but my car couldnt get up the hill in my street. i was wheel spinning and sliding all over the place. ive had to abandon my car about 100 meters from my house. ive spent the morning making snow men with my son. great fun.
My school is closed to. it sorta sucked coz we sat in a car for and hour and a half and didnt find out till we got there. and we have 2moro of neway!!! hehe extra half term!!!!!!!

i go to Chelmer Valley High School in chelmsford
Copleston in Ipswich is closed too - wayo! (My girlfriend gets to stay home with me - I left cos it's a shithole)
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We literally just got 7 feet of snow. I haven't school since last Friday. I think I'll make a topic about it...
Aye, we were off for progress review day (parents evening) and then had an inset day on Friday, and then half term.


Longer half term!
I'm going to create the procrastination club, just later...
We got snow but Uni is still open


It's about 7 inches of snow here in South-West Birmingham. I aint got college today, but i got work later Damn.

I'll take some picies to show you how deep it is.
I'm in NW London and our boss has given us the day off. It's all pretty ridiculous but I'm certainly not complaining!!
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