Hey im new here but I have some songs that i recorded. Im going for that 80's Thrash Style but i have no vocals in them. its at http://www.myspace.com/kevinsmusic203 ive only been playing for 2 and a half years so some things are kinda sloppy but the overall song is ther. tell me what you guys think >: ) crit for crit yea ?
first couple of seconds on Metal Massacre I got so pumped !!! I would definatley go see one of your shows that's really good its heavy and just to the point no BS from you guys lol you should add some lyrics though some one like maybe Phil Anselmo with a rusty voice I could picture Dave Mustaine singing to this song thats how good it is =D I like it alot

Edit: I said "you guys" then i realized it was just you that's AMAZING!!!!
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You have surely gotten the sound you were going for. I really like your music and I can hear the Megadeth and Anthrax influences. The solos are very well done and amazing for just 2.5 years of playing.This stuff would be a lot of fun to see live. You have talent. If you dont mind, could you crit some of my stuff?

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hmm ya I would have vocals, but I suck ! haha. Ive been looking for someone to put some vocals over them though, haha and seeing dave mustaine singing em, that would be badass.
definately got all the 80s sounsd you were looking for, they all sounds the same though
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Vocals would have made it cool but it sounds awesome!
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i love the intro to massacre, raunchy to the unlimited, ur a great musician if this is all ur material but they're sounding a bit repetative, but people like that dont get me wrong i could rock to this all night at a bar but some slower melodic Black Sabbath type of slow and heavy would be good is all im saying
Metal massacre is my kind of metal. The guitar sound is really interesting. It almost sounds like a fretless or something during the rhythym bits. Just the slurring together of the chords, and it sounds really cool. Obviously will be better with vocals.

Genocide is really cool, too. I get where people are going with the style being the same, but there's nothing wrong with that.

Out of curiosity, what did you use for the drums? They're definitely not sounding bad.

Feel like critting my shit?

wicked sh*t man. your work is definitely heavily influenced by 80s thrash, and in no way is that a bad thing, i'd buy it
thanks for the comments guys, i just put up a new song up today its called "beyond the darkness" if u guys wouldnt mind critting that as well
Woah man.. and your looking for a band? a band should be looking for you!! Honestly amazing stuff their dude, how do you record guitar ec. really like your tone!!
for recording i use a 212 line 6 spider II combo amp wich i hook the headphone slot into the mic slot in my computer. I got a Jackson Dinky with EMG 81 and 85 pickups. and for recording i use adobe audition
I'm listenin to Beyond the Darkness right now... The opening riff, is it influenced by Metallica much? It's so obviously influenced by Master of Puppets... But it still sounds really good! (Not that I dislike MoP, I just can't think of another way to describe it)
Awesome man.. I used to write thrash too but turned into a different style :P

I love your riffage man, sound like destruction(old), Exodus (old as well) etc..

Do you use a drum machine for the drums or you play them ? If you use, which one do you use ? I really would like to know. I have BFD but it sux.

EDIT: Oh, and I send you an invite
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Nice, very nice. I really liked it, you know how to play thrash well.

This is the type of stuff I really like, and if you didn't live so far away I would help you get a band together.

Great stuff.
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All of the songs are great, but I like Beyond The Darkness best. What are you using for your drums?
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Sounds good man. I think that you achieved what you were going for. Get a band and they "should" help with bringing there own styles to mix with yours and make some really good shit
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alright first, let me get this off my chest.
you rock.
expecially for only 2 1/2 years.
this is METAL.
this is what my old band played
if you could ever get up to ventura we would jam in a ****ing second.
i write same style only with longer more technical solos, but thatll come to you with experiance.
but yes, you have talent.
haha ya jammin would be tight im still looking for a band everyone is this area is kinda lacking what i want and i dont think drummers even exist around here
this old school sounding stuff totally reminds of sepulturas beneath the remains. except faster.

totally nailed the genre, people definitely love the metal massacre.. i felt beyond the darkness was tighter and cleaner.

don't get me wrong.. i love my metal dirty.. darkness just did it for me. lol

care to crit mine??


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this is rad as ****.
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