im thinking of getting a guitar pedal. I have two choices in my mind. im either getting a BOSS MT-2 or a ZOOM G7.1u. which one is better a compact pedal or a multi effect one?
the music i play is mostly metallica.

Any suggestions of different types of pedals are welcome.
If you want to stuff around with effects and experiment to find the sounds you like, then its not a bad idea to go the Multi Effects (zoom).
But If you know what sort of effects you want, and wanna start off with good quality analogs, then go the Boss (although, I've heard the MT-2 is crap, but wait around for someone to voice their opinions on distortion pedals)
thanx man. though a friend told me that the compact pedal is much more better because the sound is not digitized. what's your thoughts?

Any more suggestions?
The MT-2 is really the worst you can do as far as tone goes. It makes a lot of extra unwanted noise as well. If all you care about is having so much distortion you cant tell what notes your playing, its right up your alley.

The Zoom doesnt sound like a bad idea in this case. IMO it sounds better than the MT-2 as far as distortion goes...
alright. i think im scratching of the MT-2 then.

how about between the GT-8 or GT-6 and the ZOOM G7.1u? which is better?
Funnily enough, my MT-2 makes hardly any noise at all. But of course it sounds very weak and thin and I never use it in a live satuation.

If you're willing to pay it, get the GT-8.


for me the MT-2 sound like sharp and thin paper sounding...
if for those two (the MT-2 and G7.1ut)
then I'd personally go with the G7.1ut

but if between the GT-8 and G7 then get the GT-8...