Hey everybody, my names justin and I just joined your wonderful website. I really enjoy checking out new music and there's some cool bands on here that I've found already. I would also appreciate if people would give my band a listen, particullar, the song "I'm On Fire".

Please post your opinions and feel free to post your bands links as well and I'll gladly listen and give my opinion .

Just to give you an idea, we're ummm, well ... we're somewhere between the pixies and the yeah yeah yeahs. Now imagine that, but with Beatle esque harmonies... Fun huh?

Anyways, here's the link. I appreciate any and all comments and thanks in advance!!

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i like your sound, you kind of remind me of the foo fighters, which is a good thing. you have a very solid sound, i get the pixies feel, but not sure bout the yeah yeah yeahs (with the song im on fire).

im listening to killing it to death, and personally i prefer this song. you have a great fresh sound and it would be good to hear more of you.

good luck!

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The intro for I'm on fire sort of reminded me of the Helicopter effect that the guitarist for Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave does, kind of a cool intro; I really liked this song, had a real indie/foo fighter sound to it, sorta like the foo fighters first album(self titled), you guys play the kinda music I like so that adds more to my enjoyment of the song; I think I'll add you guys...

Crit me? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=520229

intro was really good, and there right it does has a foo fighters feel to it

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