very bluesy, the lead was very good, u prolly dont even need lyrics cause it is already really good, just try to make it a lil longer if not it would be a coool intro or solo. i really enjoyed blackbird prolly one of my favorites of yourts

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Very nice job on it, though I wouldn't say it was really "swing", I mean it was jazzy, but it was like blues jazz; Either way nice job, you've got a pretty smooth style, I like it, your tone was pretty nice too, overall great job;

I didn't care much for your Blackbird cover, of course McCartney did it on acoustic, while you did it on electric, so there's definitely gonna be some sound differences, but I didn't care much for it anyway; The sections of the song were out of order, but I don't particularly care, your other songs made up for the not-so-good cover

Blue Bossa was pretty good too, I liked the lead...it sorta reminded me of a cross between Santana and Mark Knopfler (of dire straits), pretty nice...

As for the Comfortably Numb cover, I love that Pink Floyd song, it's probably my favorite...You did the vocals for the cover I take it? You did all right, a little shaky, but still pretty good, you might wanna add some chorus or something to your vocals; As for the songs two solos, you nailed the first one pretty well, you had the tone right and everything, really laid back sounded very similar to the original. As for the second solo you didn't quite have the angry tone that it seems to have in the song, but you were really quite close, nice job, it was probably my favorite of your songs on there, it was actually a worthy cover so nice job ^_^

Overall your songs were pretty good, you've got some talent there! Where'd you find that backing track? Or did you make it yourself?
damn, I wasn't expecting a crit of all my songs... thanks!

No matter what I play I still have a little bit of the blues, it's just my style. Mostly because I use a lot of bends and vibrato.

I would've played blackbird on my acoustic, but its action is way too high... blackbird is a tricky song to play and using an electric makes it a bit easier. I may do a full on cover of it with vocals sooner or later.

I did do the vocals for comfortably numb and the guitars. Everything else is from a backing track I got at www.guitarbt.com or www.gilmourish.com ... I don't remember which one.

Thanks a lot for the comments, I really appreciate it!
No matter what I play I still have a little bit of the blues, it's just my style

Yeah, I know what you mean, I would say I have to keep the blues in a lot of my music as well; Thanks for the backing track sites btw;
I like your music. I listened to all the songs, too. Comfortably numb is good. The swing song is also cool. It is bluesy, as has been said. I think it might be cooler with some other instruments in it (bass, drums, and an organ would really make it rockin'). I like your clean tone. It's recorded well. I like the backing chords when you play the route and then the higher notes of the chord. It's very santanish or latinish. I like it. Check out my music, too.
I liked it, though I would also say that it is bluesy jazz. I know what you mean with the whole, "It's just my style" thing. I always need to have a pentatonic link somewhere in my solo

Nice tone, by the way.