This is not a matter of going to a shop and playing the following guitars. Neither of them are stocked anywhere within a 20 mile radius of where i live so i have to go by word of mouth here.

I'm looking mainly for a electric 12-string, but i've only got around £300 to spend, and i'm saving a little bit for a secondhand fender amp (once its fixed), so i'm going no higher than £250 on the guitar.

here's the guitars i've been looking at. i want honest opinions not biased/useless remarks, real comments, like on the feel of the neck, the sound etc.

Here's the list of considerations of what i'm gonna buy, bearing in mind i'm mainly looking for a electric 12-string, because the Variax 12-string sounds just fake.

First off, The one i've had my eye on for a while, the Danelectro DC-12 (12-string):

Secondly, this oddity, semi acoustic Harley-Benton double-neck:

Thirdly, well it aint a 12-string, but can i really resist a Gretsch Pro Jet at that price?

I'm really unsure and no shops by me stock danelectro, Harley benton or Gretsch. I have played a few gretsch models and the odd dano, but none of these, can anyone give some advice. Don't put pointless stuff like "Teh gretsch is teh awsum!" or "Danelecto sux", i don't really want opinion on whether they are good or not, i just want an idea of the playability and sound.
I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.
I personally really like the Danelectro 12 string as well as the Gretsch. Couldn't tell you anything about the Harley benton, but as for the other 2 well here goes... The Danelectro sounds alot like a tele, its got a bit of twang and normally i wouldn't like that (cuz i absolutely hate country music) however with a 12 string, the tone sounds beautiful. I've played a few of these (some original, like from the early 60s, and others re-issues) and they always sound great and play wonderfully. The Gretsch is also a dream to play, great action and those nifty mini-humbuckers make it sound top notch (kinda like a higher out-put les paul). Now i'm not real sure which Pro Jet your thinking of buying, (theres a higher end one and a lower end one) but based on the amount your willing to spend i'm guessing the low end one (not that thats a bad thing ). I can assure you that even though the lower end one is more moderately priced your not really sacrificing anything. The only reason why i would steer you clear of the Gretsch is that its difficult finding a hard case that fits it. I was shopping around and got into a conversation with a worker at a local music shop, he said that the Gretsch would fit any case that a les paul would fit in. Well the owner of the shop over heard us and chimed in that no it wouldn't, so we grabbed a les paul case, and whaddaya know...it didn't fit. Apparently the only case that will fit it properly is one that you have to order specially from Gretsch and as a result you can expect to pay around 300 more for it (thats in US currency so thats what around 160 pounds? (sorry don't know how to make the symbol)). Well there you have it, i hope i helped. Good luck to you!
Thanks for the advice but now i can't resist the gretsch yet i'm looking for a 12-string. ah well maybe some other time i'll get the Pro Jet lol.
it was the lower end gretch i was looking at, i don't see what really makes the more expensive Duo Jet cost £2k other than the fact George Harrison played one at the start of the beatlemania outbreak.

If the dano 12-string has a similar tone to a tele, then it has exactly what i'm looking for sound wise

The harley benton doubleneck though, is sort of more multi-purpose. i'm happier about buying a guitar people have heard of and had good opinions about, but from what i gather by looking at the way it's built, the doubleneck must be of some standard, you don't usually get low quality guitars with set in neck(s). Since it's a 12-string i'm looking for, maybe the harley benton doesn't have the right 12-string tone for me i don't know lol i have to consider it though. If anyone has any sound samples (preferably a clean recording) of either of the 3 guitars posted it'd help a lot
I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.