I tried posting this in one of the other forums but i didnt really get the answer i was looking for so maybe someone here can help

OK so i got a new(older)Fender amp and i was woundering what all the knobs do to effect the tone
Theres: Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, and Reverb.

And also where should i set the knobs to get a good sound out of it while using heavy distortion
mh...search in the forums for accesiorres and stuff.
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what sort of distortion??what bands??

sometimes ill play stuff like hatebreed other times ill play stuff not as heavy but still kinda heavy
It really differs from amp to amp what the channels to, but generally:

Gain: determines the distortion and crunch you get, or the length the what your playing seems to last.

Treble: deals with high range or pitch notes, the more treble you have it set, the more the higher pitch sounds are accentuated. Less treble makes the sound seem like its being blocked by a wall or obstacle.

Middle: generally deals with sound in the more mid-range of pitches, more middle channel often makes the sound more warm, less makes sound tinnier, as if it were coming from a low quality speaker.

Bass: generally associated with low range sound. Think of a sub-woofer in a car. More bass accentuates low end sounds, makes ground shake...etc.

Reverb: Essentially reverb is an effect. The higher the setting the larger the room or environment you seem to be playing in. Ie the highest reverb setting may make it seem as if you are playing in a large stadium or on the side of a mountain with a fair bit of echo, a low setting may make it feel as if you are playing in a small room.
ok well for a nice metal sound put the middle to about 11 o clock. then bass about 4 o clock then treble about 3 o clock and turn your gain to about 3 o clock and put ur reverb on about 8 o clock...and that shopuld give you an allright sound...well its good on my amp and works on most amps but it differs..
I read the other thread and you got a perfectly fine answer. I don't see why you had to repost this.
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I read the other thread and you got a perfectly fine answer. I don't see why you had to repost this.

cause i didnt get an answer i could understand

ps thanks guys
ignore his metal setting...most are scooped so gain would be high, as well as treble and bass, and mids would be low.
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