I heard dynamic gallery of thoughts on blackmetal radio and it was good. Does anyone know the history of this band? I'm trying to find some reviews on the web but searching "and oceans" brings up a whole bunch of greenpeace crap.

I understand they've reformed into some sort of experimental band called havoc unit. which is a shame. What other albums are as good as dynamic gallery?

Their website is fairly useless and slightly psychedelic.

Quite a few years ago I heard the singer was gay. Wouldn't be suprised from the homoerotic sounding music and name.
Thanks for the useful information morbid.

...but now that you mention it:

They do look a bit gay.

One guy looks like he's about to unzip for the ensuing activities.
It's been years, to take a punt I'd say 5, since I have even heard of this band (aside from the odd g0ff wearing an ...And Oceans shirt around in the city). I just remember hearing some pseudo-'metal' crap. Definately not worth the effort.

Is the bald guy the singer? The singer was bald(balled...) when I was told he was gay.