To get some distorted sounds like those of muse? Or the song Weatherman by +44 is any of you know it? i was thinking of some form of Electro Harmonix pedal but there are so many to choose from, im not sure what the best would be. Would a USA Big Muff pedal be any good?


or how about something like


any advice or opinions would be gladly recieved, thanks.
Those two pedals do different things. The Big Muff is a fuzz, whereas the Bass Balls is an envelope filter (aka auto-wah) with an added drive option. If you want funky auto-wah sounds, the Bass Balls is probably better, but the fuzz won't be as tweakable. If you just want distortion, go with the Big Muff. I have the Russian version myself, and it's brilliant as a bass drive - thick low end and sustain for days.

You can also check out the demo videos to get an idea of what those pedals sound like.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNA6G0yxU2Y (Big Muff Pi, Gearwire.com demo)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWDFOk2Amy0 (Big Muff Pi, EHX demo)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpncRw7ridE (Bass Balls, EHX demo)
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I would go with the russian big muff, i have one and it's a very good pedal, plus chris from muse uses one.
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I would recommend the PD7, its very very good and its half the price of a muff. You can get a good sound from these things. Believe, I have tried several high priced distortion pedals and the PD7 is as good as anything else and for the price its incredable
I still think Big Muffs kill a lot of the deep lows of bass. There are many lower priced distortion pedals that have the ability to blend your clean signal in with the distorted signal, giving you some awesome distortion with the low end still intact. Two examples of this are the Digitech Bass Driver and the Boss Bass Overdrive (although the Digitech has 3 different distortion types).

If you have some money, I recommend you invest in a Fulltone Bass Drive. The general concensus is that it is one of (if not the) best bass distortion pedals on the market... and it doesn't kill your low end.
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I love the EBS MultiDrive, pretty simple and it doesnt kill your low end unless you use the flat setting. also the EHX English Muff'in can get pretty fuzzy too with the two tubes it has
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