iv just started learnin how to play rhythm guitar and my first choice was enter sandman... is this a good choice for a first? and could anyone suggest any other songs but not too difficult lol
rockin in the free world-neil young (obsessed with that song atm coz of g3 lol)
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Depends, if you mean you've been just learning lead then give it a go. If you've never played before then no, it's too advanced - just start at the beginning learning basic open chords and get some flexibility in your right hand. Try not to differentiate between rhythm and lead - being able to play rhythm is far more important, but at the end of the day it's all just guitar.
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sounds good to me. most metallica songs aren't too hard to play rhythm-wise.
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kl thanks for aw that, i have been playin for a few months now, but not really seriously, i just pick up ma guitar for an hour or so a day and i dont practise the way everyone says and i know i should be better than i am, i practise wotever i feel like doin cos at the end of the day am havin fun lol. wen i play enter sandman i play kirks lead part so i aint really playin rhythm, i can play up to his first wee solo section at 1:58 i havent had a look at that part yet so i dunno if i can play it but i think i should be able to.