ok me=new at the git box and my fav band are chili peppers, when i watch john frusciante play live it looks like he uses his thumb to fret and fingers but then magically a pick appears ughh ha...ha, is he just using the pick the whole time and im too dumb to see or is he like holding the pick in a weird way, i know this all sounds weird but if you get what im saying can you help
You hold the pick inbetween you thumb and first finger and then pluck the top notes with your second or fourth fingers.
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you can hold it in your palm, or sometimes when i play, i hold it in my mouth between my lips
pinch it between the second knuckle on you first and second fingers, then you get the pick out really quickly and put it back to go fingerstyle again. this technique takes a little while to master, however.
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you sure are. which means it should be smooth sailing from here on out.
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when i fingerpick and got use the actual pick later i bend my middle finger a little and grip the pick with that when im using my fingers,then i just grab the pick and play normaly with it.
I find it easy and fast to do it this way..