Hey guys,
I have a pretty bad pain in my right wrist. I doesn't really hurt WHILE I play, but it seems to hurt more after. It won't hurt normally, but it will if I bend it 45 degrees or so backwards, or even slightly forwards (forwards being a gay guy's wave :p.
I don't know what it is, but it has happened before, and it healed itself.
It's a problem, it hurts like F*CK when I lean on it to get up or whatever.
Anyone have any ideas what it could be?
By the way, I am a right-handed player. I don't think my picking is particularly f*ucked
Please help guys

Edit: It feels like a problem in the BONE, not muscle. The larger forearm bone, right on the end where it joins to form your wrist. I can't bend it much
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u should stop playing for like a week.. it'll be better after
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suck it up! i burned my finger tips while making cheese sticks and learned how to finger pick that same week.
I've had the same pain too. Does it hurt to pick up like, big things with just that right hand?
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try cod liver oil capsules. You can get them from most chemists and they're good against join pains. (providing you take them daily). If it is a bad joint pain then you might want tog et it checked at the doctor's. Could be early signs of arthritis. Don't want to worry you however but still best to get a check up.
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Mate, you're 15: it's growing pains. Suck it up, you'll be fine.
I'm 14, and it ain't growing pains. I can't use my fvckin' hand. It is rather a problem, as is one-handed typing
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