I have dreams to teach guitar bla bla bla

anyways Im in grade 11 but im not doing music as a subject...Its basically 70% singing which sucks because I cant sing for shit. period.

Makes me feel so bad because im missing out on learning all that wonderful theory

Plus the teacher is a bitch

Anyways would I have any chance of getting into a Con or doing some kinda of music degree without doing music in high school

Im doing AMEB guitar grades and attending workshops for contempary guitar styles and planning on getting classical guitar lessons to help my fingerstyles and widen my theory knowledge...Ill also try and get into some kind of formal music setting and obviously play in bands with others and gigging and getting to the top both classical and contempary guitar grades in the AMEB

But with all that Im still guessing none will touch me...what else can I do...the only guitar examination thing I really know much about is the AMEB, anything else like that? any courses I can attend??