Wazzzup my brothers,
I'm looking to buy a new acoustic but hate going into the guitar shops and trying them out. I aint great on guitar and when I ask to test one out don't have a clue what to play. What do you guys think are good songs to test if an acoustic is right for you?

I was thinking "RHCP - I could die for you" because it has some good stretches in it.
Under the bridge because it covers most the neck and has a bit of everything.
Jack Johnson - Good People because it is on the high frets and would be good to test the action.

What do you guys play when you test out an acoustic? I always freeze up and get embaressed when I go to test one. Please help!
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play what you usually play.
that way you know if it's good for you, and what you like to play.

there's no reason to be embarrassed, people of all skill levels go there to try out guitars, even if you just play the easiest stuff that you can think of, your testing the guitar, not your skills
^ Right. You're not there to impress anyone, and they don't care what you play or how good you play. Just play what you play at home.
you miss the point if your concentrating on what your playing rather than how its sounding lol. i just look over the guitar for a while, strum a few large chords like an open g etc to check resonance, then a few barres maybe, try some harmonics etc.
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When I was knew I felt like this but these guys are right.

The employees or other customers don't care and usually I find that they are busy concentrating on the guitar they are trying out.

I find myself going to the guitar shops now jus tto try them out!

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Acoustic all the way!.

play every note and check for fret buzz,
play all the open chords you can think of,
Check it is in mint condition

THEN play a song
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Yep...no matter how good you are or you think you are...there's always someone better ! Or worse...so don't worry about it. The post above mine is good advice.
if you arne't good you aren't gonna fool the workers. and who cares what they think. make sure its tuned (should be or its a crappy crappy store), then play every string on every fret, and try open chords. then try a couple of barre chords. see if everything is good and then buy it.
I find that people ignore you more than usual if you accompany your playing with some singing.
Make up a nice strum pattern on the spot and then just add in random chords and hope they sound well together while singing.
I find it's best to sing about what you see, that way it's harder to run out of ideas, and the people who you sing about are even more likely to scurry past you as quickly as possible and completely ignore you.

Hope this helps