Ok, so im having a hard time deciding which pedal to buy. Two choices are now on top of my list. Digitech DigiDelay or Ibanez WD7 Weeping Demon Wah.

I know its a rather weird comparison, but to ya'll out there, which is most essential in a chain of effects? Please leave your thoughts on this. Thanks!

Other pedals I am also considering: Digitech Digiverb, Boss CS-3 Compressor/Sustainer. Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi. DOD Gonkulator Ring Modulator

I already have a Digitech Screamin Blues and an Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Phaser.

i'd say delay is quite important but wah is alot better for soloing and more fun. Just choose the one you think your gunna have most fun/use with

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I'd go with the delay. Delay can add more depth to a song or solo. Wah is great...especially the WD-7, but I reallly think you will get further in song writting( if thats what your doing) if you have a delay.

Check out some BBE stuff....thats usually pretty good. I havent played all of them, but the ones I have are great.
Guitar_Dan_666, Thanks man! By the way, hows your weeping demon? any tweakings/upgrades you did on that? i heard that if you remove the back cover, you can find more adjustments by tweaking a potentiometer or something like that? any thoughts on that?
Thanks Crimson Eve, iv tried looking at BBE's here in my country but unforunately they are quite rare. Ive come across a rack Sonic Maximizer which is rather expensive, i was hopin theyd have the stompbox available here. What are the other BBE's that youd recomend?
that is really a hard choice choosing what to buy 1st a wah or a delay. hhmm.. i say delay. personal experience, i dont enjoy my wah if i dont have a delay to play around for solos.

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the weeping demon is one mother of a wah pedal. i got a lot of bass AND guitar players hooked on it. (including detroit jazz/gospel hero tim bowman) it's the most versatile wah available today.

it is, however, all digital and you can't mod it. but it's got so much stuff in it you don't need to.

if it's between the digidelay and the wd7, get the weeping demon.

it works on either footswitch activation with no spring engaged, OR spring loaded where it turns on when you step on it. it has a switch for low or high range, with a knob to tweak the top freq. Q knob, bass knob, level knob, screws to adjust the friction level of the expression pedal, and to adjust the tension of the spring. simply put, it RULES.
I use delay and compressors much more often than wah. I'm not certain who makes the best delay but I can recommend the Diamond Compressor without hesitation.

Check out Homebrew Electronics (HBE) as well, great pedal company that makes great pedals.
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Well unfortunately BBE's arent everywhere. In my area you gotta go online. If your playing a tube (valve) amp a BBE Boosta Grande will act as a gain boost. It has tru bypass so it wont clutter up your signal while its in the chain. Its just a good pedal. My other guitarist swears that the crusher is great too. I havent played any of the other ones...

As far as other pedals that you might find useful or might be able to find....

The seymor duncan pickup booster is pretty sweet. It can add a ton of tone.
But if that one isnt your style, I play a Vox Cooltron Big Ben. Vox makes I think 5 different Cooltrons. They are all pretty badass. They come with a tube built in that doesnt need to warm up ( It runs cold but still clips). SO just by stepping on it you are adding another tube to your line. Its a great product. However the SD pickup booster and the Cooltrons are pricey. Go try one and I bet you'll find it worth it though. Even if you arent going to buy one...check out those Vox pedals. The Brit Boost and the Big Ben where my favorite. There is also a Bulldog distortion and a top end boost that has 2 channels I believe, and a Dual that has 2 channels and goes from OD to balls to the wall distortion as well.

Hope this helps man! Go try some new stuff out and explore the world of effects. Usually the stuff that is easiest to find is the least impressive.
id go with a delay because before i got my wah i was like OMG i want a wah sooooo much but now i barely ever use it and i really wish i had a delay instead
but it really depends on your musical style like i want a delay because ive been playing alot of U2 lately and i really want a delay
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Yeah Crimson_Eve, i came across the Vox Cooltrons but i never really considered them because they were pricey. I was also wondering if those tubes were replaceable on the cooltrons because tube tones change in time. (or so i assume?). Im currently using my uncle's Marshall JCM-800 (my uncle stopped playing and handed it down) from the 90's and it remains stock. He swears that the tone of the amp is way different now from what it sounded before. Anyway thanks!