I got into 3 'incidents' on monday and as a result of those I have been put into isolation for 2 days.

Which basically means I'm stuck in this room for the whole day today and tomorrow, with nothing but paper and pens to have fun with.

But I just found out this computer works so now I can be on UG and try to keep the fact I'm on the computer a secret from the rather nice lady who's been bringing me more and more work to do.

School sucks.

What are you guys doing then? Entertain me?

What's your worst/most boring punishments you received at school?

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What's your worst/most boring punishments you received at school?

running around the tennis court
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Watcha do?

Anyways waste away watching Metalocalypse



On the bus into school a kid in the year below me was mouthing off at me so I, of course, verbally destroyed him due to my superiour age and intellect infront of all of his friends, he then proceeded to go upstairs on the bus, and on his way up he kicked me in the side of the head from behind. I did nothing to this other than to offer the fine chap to 'come and do that to my face'.

On the way home that evening, the same young chap decided to threaten me with baseball bats and hte like, to which I just laughed and told him to indulge in his wishes, he then walked up to me and said; "come on then dickhead, hit me" after this he pushed me in the chest 2 or 3 times and then punched me in the stomach, so...basically I just lost my cool and hit him as hard as I could, which I didn't think would do much damage, but apparently I am 'harder' than I thought. I knocked him out in one, I felt sorry for the little guy so when he came to I extended a hand in apology, which he politely declined with "oh just **** off you ****ing ****" I obliged with his request and sat back down.

Then, a group of boys in the year above me joined in the rucus, and one came up from behind me, got me in a headlock and proceeded to infrom me that I am a "****ing prick" and that I need to learn that "he's only a little year 9 you ****ing wanker", he told me this whilst getting me in a headlock and punching my head and face roughly 15 times. I didn't attempt to fight back because, seeing as thsi fellow was a chav, all his little single brain celled friends would join in if I fought back and basically just kill me.

Then, a big group of chav's got off the bus at my stop and followed me home, all the while shouting "you're a wanker" and "we know where you live".

That's what happened.
Well, I was bored one day at break, and my friend had a magnifying glass with him. You know how you can burn a hole in something if you focus the sun's light through a magnifying glass? Well that's what we were doing. Bored seventh graders (I'm a senior now) trying to burn a hole in a paper towel.
But someone thought that we were trying to start a fire, and so my gym teacher rushed over to "handle the situation". By the way, it's quite embarassing having a yard full of your friends see you accused of arson.
But to the point, they wouldn't believe that I wasn't trying to start a fire, so I got a discipline referral, AND I had to write a ten page essay about fire safety. Son of a bitch...

So yeah, not the worst I've gotten in trouble, but the most unfair, and definetely the biggest pain in the ass.
Reason why you dont fight chavs, just ignore them. Itl escalate and theres only 1 loser.

On a different note, I saw MC Lars, quite an experience!

I feel for you though, one of the negatives of school is the abundance of chavs it brings to your everyday life.
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Yeah that's the problem when it comes to chav's you just have to back down, they'll always know more harder people than you. Just think about it this way - when they're 50 and they're still living off dole in a council flat, you'll have a family and friends and a good life.
well, that time we had a classroom which was separated from the neighbour-classroom only with a wooden kind of "wall" that could be opened in the middle and pushed to both sides to make the whole thing a extra-big classroom. Always when we had Mrs.Mc Dougall(a very easy one) the people in the last row pushed the wall back and forth until finally somebody from the class on the other side opened the wall a little bit and screamed through the gap for example: "Tobey stinks!"
Never bloody punch a chav, else dozens of them will beat you to a pulp the next day. You still haven't learnt that?
A year nine, perhaps it'll knock him down a peg or two. What year you in?

And isolation sucks, in my school it used to be a demountable outside where you got to play games and whatnot all day, because it was only dumbasses who went there, but now they've changed it so a class room has big wooden panels seperating the desks and a teacher in the room, so they have to sit there in complete silence not being able to see anyone, doing work all day. Sometimes the blinds are open and I laugh at them. But to elevate boredom, why not bring in an MP3 player, and put it up your sleeve into your hand and rest your head so the teacher can't see it? Might help a wee bit. Try i-am-bored.com if you get desperate.
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