Well I'm having a shitty day, and just curious, how do you guys get over a shitty day?
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I busted a nut because my g-string was too tight.

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Hendrix. he played jazz right? lol. im real bad with names.

i guess jazz could work

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go to the gym and sadistically torture my body
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I was balls deep in this girl once, and shes like "Oh my god, thats such an excruciating pain!"

I say: ... "excruciating? Thats a pretty big word for a 12 year old."
Play guitar and have a long ass sleep. I've felt crappy the past few days because I've had shit loads to do in my life. Today was free enough, so I took the day off and just woke up now. I've been asleep since yesterday at 10pm. I like sleep.

EDIT: I forgot I had an interview with the local paper about my art exhibiton. Shite.
I shrug it off or do something productive, like conquering rome or taking pictures outside
I usually play guitar or just go for a walk
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Read, sleep, stare at a fire, listen to ambient music, take a walk—make sure it's as quiet as possible, more sleeping.

Hey guys! I just started playing electric guitar should I get a Gabson Lay Pall or a Femdor Startokaster. I like the picks on the gabsons but i like how sweet femdors look. Beforre i get a gabson what company makes them?
I watch animal house.
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I put some James Blunt on kick back and relax.

No not really. I just pick my guitar up and play something I like to play.
Listen to music I like, watch a movie, go for a walk, jerk off, read, vent somewhere...
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I read ChurchNSkate's sig.

If I had something like that to read whenever I had a bad day, I definately would.
And I'll keep that in mind.

I grab my mp3 player, put in my headphones, and go for a walk.
(if too cold, treadmill is fine. that's what I've had to resort to lately. but not quite as nice)

I put on one of my driving mixes (has Zeppelin, ACDC, Guns N Roses, Tom Petty, and Bon Jovi on it) and go for a drive.

or..come on, you're on a guitar forum. I bet alot of us pick up our guitars when its been a bad day.
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Yeh this guy knows his ****... just listen to him XD

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NaivexLi is anything but naive. His post was a pretty good source of info.


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get stoned and have a wank

Yeah, I second this one. Though I do like going for a walk with my dog as well sometimes.
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talk to my good mates; someone you care about.. or just listen to some G.B.H. that always makes me feel better.
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i don't care if this is closed, but i'd really like a blink182sgirl appreciation thread of some kind.

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well arent we just a _______ iunno

yes we are

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Listen to some great music and play guitar. Also write lyrics. Those make me feel better.
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play guitar, video games with major violence, listen to music, beat the shit out of a punching bag.... and so on. lol
Watch loads of porn and get off to it till ur penis shivels to the size of penut...!

On a more serious note, get a good sleep and hope tomorrow will be a better day. Or write a song bout all the shit u feel, it can sometimes turn out to be a really good song, and post it on UG. Works for me at times!
But if nothing works just go out for a drive or if u dont have a car take ur bike or if u dont even have a bike just go for a long walk and dont come back till u feel better.
Where i used to live, the beach was like just 10mins away from my house. so i always used to head down to the beach and sit there for hours just watching the waves and shit, if i was having a shitty day... That always works!

EDIT: Need for Speed, Nirvana, Lamb of God or anyother cool video game or band works well too!
Go to the gym and punish myself into feeling better. Then drink so much I can't remember anything the next day
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Usually, I transform into a music instrument.....being bass is my favourite...try that.
Hey guys! I just started playing electric guitar should I get a Gabson Lay Pall or a Femdor Startokaster. I like the picks on the gabsons but i like how sweet femdors look. Beforre i get a gabson what company makes them?

LMFAO WTF !! Who the hell posted this ??

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I read ChurchNSkate's sig.

have to agree with this
After a hard day I love to cook, it relaxes me for some reason (I think its all in the preparation; cutting vegetables and whatnought). The more stressed out I am, the more elaborate and fancy the dish is. Chances are, if I serve Hors s'oduerves (sp?) before the entree of Duck Flambe', I was pretty close to killing someone that afternoon.
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hors d`oeuvres. From ouvrir---to open
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