i got this out of wikipedia:

* Jackson Randy Rhoads Custom White Pinstripe. Alexi's main guitar from 1997 to 2002 was the Jackson Custom RR, bought from Jiri Jalkanen (from Stone). This was one of the stolen guitars.
* Jackson RR Custom Green Pinstripe. After having his guitars stolen, Alexi borrowed Roope Latvala's Jackson RR Custom Green Pinstripe to tour with Sinergy. however, the neck of the guitar broke during the tour.
* Alexi's ESP Custom Shop guitars. When Jackson was sold to Fender, Alexi was told that it would take one year for him to have a new custom guitar made. In comparison, ESP offered a deal that would take only three months, so he switched his endorsement to ESP. Alexander Kuoppala and Henkka Blacksmith also changed their endorsement. This guitar was used during the European tour. Also Alexi has an MM04 (that is a clone of the JE-1000 made by Musamaailma in Finland) gain booster installed in all of his guitars,this was made because he was using Jackson JE-1000 in the past,but those are no longer made.There's also a gainbooster switch on the lower fin above the pinstripe.
* Amplifier: Lee Jackson Perfect Connection preamp, VHT power amps & Marshall 1960 cabs
* Pickups: EMG-HZ H4
* Effects: Blackface Rocktron Intellifex
* As reported in Guitar World Magazine, Feb. 2006 (Corrected Apr 2006): GUITAR: RV-350AL & RV-398AL ESP. AMP: Lee Jackson Metaltronix Perfect Connection pre-amp, VHT power amp (no longer Peavey or Engl). GAINBOOSTER: MM04 (Jackson JE1000 clone) (On RV-350AL) EFFECTS: Rocktron Intellifex chorus. STRINGS: DR HiBeams (11-50) and DR JH-10 Tite-Fit (10-56). PICKS: Dunlop Black Jazz III.

and i wondered where does his distortion come from?
his VHT and Metaltronix?

...also he used to use jackson soloists I beleive, (something from jackson with a strat looking body)
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his VHT and Metaltronix?

...also he used to use Jackson soloists I believe, (something from Jackson with a strat looking body)

First he used an Ibanez RG220B, then switched to the white pinstripe Jackson he bought from the guitarist from Stone (not Roope, the other one).

He gets his distortion from his Gain Booster in his guitar, because the HZ isn't enough to really drive the Lee Jackson or the VHT. He had a Jackson JE-1000 gain booster in his Jackson so he has always had boosters.

He uses a JCM900 during Clinics or Small performances.

Other than that he uses a Lee Jackson perfect connection preamp and VHT poweramps, with a Rocktron Intellifex for effects.

He has also stated in interviews lately he is not happy with his tone or live sound, and that it should improve with the next album.
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still, give me a direct answer: what device creates the distortion?
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still, give me a direct answer: what device creates the distortion?

You've been given an answer. The amp.
Someones knowledge of guitar companies spelling determines what amps you can own. Really smart people can own things like Framus because they sound like they might be spelled with a "y" but they aren't.
I find it funny he doesn't believe in the neck pick up.
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