Not sure if this is the right forum but nevermind.

Yes, I know it is an AWFUL amp. I was a newb when I got it... Thought it was good, But I soon realised how much of a waste of money it was. But anyway, It's the only amp I have and I need a bit of help

The built-in effects basically just completely stopped working on it not long after I bought it. I took it to the shop that I got it from, and they said the effects chip is broke and that I needed to send it back to Marshall. Couple of years gone since then and my warranty has run out, and I really don't want to waste money on getting it fixed by Marshall.

Has anyone encountered the same problem with one? And knows how to fix it? I'm not going to open it up yet because I probably won't know what I'm looking at

Cheers in advanced to anyone who can help
Uh..You bought it, then not long after it stoped working, and you took it back and your warrenty had expired? how long did you have it for..in working order.
I bought it, it broke about 2 months later, they told me what was wrong with it, and that I had to send it back to marshall, But then I just forgot about it (I don't really use the effects 'cause they suck, But I'm just trying to fix it for the sake of it) and now the warranty has expired, about 3 years later.